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It is your treasured tool to learn, visit, and participate in everything your community has to offer. Community@Treasure gives you a piece of South Florida by presenting to you the diverse and amazing community you live in. We provide your local news, events, and interests.

Additionally, we give you personal insights and engagement about the community through short and fun videos. Check out what there is to do around you!


Treasure Property Group wants to invite you to know what is going on around in your community! Through each different county you can discover the diverse opportunities to participate in a variety of events and activities. Looking for what to do this weekend? We got you!


Want to stay informed? Treasure Property Group provides you with different news platforms to help you stay in touch with current announcements, articles, and reports.


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Treasure Property Group values family, therefore we want to make sure you enjoy every minute with them! Looking for a family-friendly spot or event? Trust Treasure!


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